EARS STT Sep'03 Workshop, Martigny

Technical Program

4/5 December 2003

Friday Morning (9-Sep-03)
9:30 Introduction (Rich Schwartz)
Schedule Changes, put in for late breaking results, etc.
Acoustic Modeling, 9:45-12:55
9:45 Voice features (PPT slides, PDF slides)
Franco Horacio, Martin Graciarena, Andreas Stolcke, Dimitra Veryri, JIng Zheng, SRI
10:05 Novel Approaches update (PDF sildes)
Nelson Morgan, ICSI
10:35 Single Pronunciation Dictionaries (PS slides, PDF slides)
Thomas Hain, Cambridge Univ.
11:05-11:25 Break
11:25 Automatic Model Complexity Control (PDF sildes)
Andrew Liu, Mark Gales, Cambridge Univ.
11:55 HLDA-SAT (PPT slides, PDF slides)
Spyros Matsoukas, Richard Schwartz, BBN
12:25 General Discussion for Acoustic Modeling
12:25-2:00 Lunch

Friday Afternoon (9-Sep-03)
Large Training Using TDT, 14:00-16:50
14:00 Using TDT Data to Improve BN Acoustic Models (PPT slides, PDF slides)
Long Nguyen, Bing Xiang, BBN
14:20 Large Models for Large Corpora (PPT slides, PDF slides)
Patrick Nguyen, Ambroise Mutel, Jean-Claude Junqua, Panasonic
14:50 Lightly Supervised Discriminative training (PDF slides)
Ricky Chan, Phil Woodland, Cambridge Univ.
15:20-15:50 Break
15:50 Training Acoustic Models with TDT (PDF slides)
Lori Lamel, Jean-Luc Gauvain, Langzhou Chen, Gilles Adda, LIMSI
16:20 General Discussion for Large Training
Data (Wordwave, Fisher, Web, etc.), 16:50-17:30
16:50 Quick Transcription of Fisher Data with WordWave (PPT slides, PDF slides)
Owen Kimball, Rukmini Iyer, Chia-Lin Kao, Thomas Colthurst, John Makhoul, BBN
17:15 Some Results on CTS Quick Transcription and Fisher Data (PDF slides)
Phil Woodland, Ricky Chan, Cambridge Univ.
17:30 Visit to IDIAP

Saturday Morning (10-Sep-03)
Language Modeling, 9:30-11:45
9:30 Continuous Space LM (PDF slides)
Holger Schwenk, Jean-Luc Gauvain, LIMSI
10:00 Almost parsing LM for BN and CTS Recognition (PDF slides)
Wen Wang, Mary Harper, Andreas Stolcke, SRI
10:20 Experiments on Adaptive LM (PPT slides, PDF slides)
Lidia Mangu, Geoffrey Zweig, IBM
10:50-11:10 Break
11:10 Large LM (PPT slides, PDF slides)
Nicolae Duta, Richard Schwartz, BBN
11:25 Using Web Text Sources for Conversational Speech Language Modeling (PPT slides, PDF slides)
Ivan Bulyko, Mari Ostendorf, Andreas Stolcke, UW
11:45 General Discussion for Language Modeling
12:40-14:00 Lunch

Saturday Afternoon (10-Sep-03)
Miscellaneous, 12:05-12:45
14:00 Improved Lattice-Based Decoding (PDF slides)
Jing Zheng, Andreas Stolcke, Ramana Gadde, SRI
14:30 SRI CTS System Improvements (PDF slides)
H. Franco, R. Gadde, M. Graciarena, A. Stolcke, D. Vergyri, W. Wang, J. Zheng, SRI
15:00 Sausage Comprehension and Listening Experiments (PPT slides, PDF slides)
Lidia Mangu, Geoffrey Zweig, IBM
Hanging Issues / General Discussion, 15:30-16:00
16:00-16:30 Break
Planning (what we could do better), 16:30-17:00
16:30 Action list